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Njord Sustainable Food Photo Competition

Very excited to be named Njords' Food Photographer of the year, not only category winner for  "FN 17 sustainable development goals" but also overall winner for 2016. The plight of our Seas&Oceans is very important to me, as I was fortunate enough to grow up in Western Australia, frequenting some of ( in my humble opinion)  the worlds best beaches. My only hope, is that we can make the necessary changes to our destructive ways before its too late. 

right_red fish_Logo copy.jpg


See your favourite cheese as never before, up close and personal 

El Celler De Can Roca #1

I think these images merely begin to form the experience had at the worlds number one restaurant as voted by The 50 best restaurant awards 2015. Every moment was a work of art, food transcended, mouth, eye, mind. At one moment I couldn't stop smelling one dish as it was so reminiscent of a childhood beach holiday. To the three brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, "sorprenent", moltes gråcies. 


#20-2015 "The Ledbury"

Last year I was lucky enough to get a table at World #1 Noma and so began a new obsession, to tick off as many restaurants on the World top 50. Here at #20 the UK's very own The Ledbury with aussie Brett Graham as head chef. 

Fancy a Snog

Food Stylist: Dagmar Veseley

Something I get asked a lot with food photography, "isn't it all fake", well the answer is not always, so after a few retakes we managed to get these recipes and more for Snog and in the meantime the crew ate a lot of delicious frozen yoghurt.  

Foxs Biscwits


"make a sea of chocolate" they say

With pleasure!

Food Stylist: The Amazing Lesley Sendall  

Mayfair Kitchen "BTS" starring teresa the turbot

Client: Mayfair Kitchen

Agency: Saatchi Masius

Art Direction: Mel Harvey

Food Stylist: Lesley sendall

Models: Ivan Silic, Laura Lorente, Jeremy Boatang